65 year old arrested in attempt to deliver drugs to Himmafushi

Himmafushi, Maldives — a senior citizen who attempted to bring drugs to Himmafushi was arrested by police yesterday.

Police disclosed that during an operation lead by the Intelligence and police of Himmafushi, they caught two people attempting to bring drugs into Himmafushi.

Police said that a 65 year old Maldivian male and a 28 year old Bangladeshi male were arrested regarding the matter.

Police have also said that the operation was conducted based on information received by police intelligence, which lead the police to believe that a boat traveling from Male’ to Himmafushi was carrying drugs.

“We stopped the boat on sea while it was on its way to Himmafushi and brought the pair of suspects under police custody to search and we found 2 small plastic bags full of substances that are suspected to be drugs.” The police media stated.

The two people were sent to the court of Huraa
 for a remand hearing and it was decided that they will be kept in a place decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs for 13 days.

The police mentioned that the police station of Himmafushi is currently investigating this matter.