Inmates to be pardoned in bid to depopulate jails

Himmafushi Jail | Photo: Avas

K. Himmafushi, Maldives – The Parliament has passed a bill to advice the government in making new jails and releasing inmates in K. Himmafushi ‘Asseyri’ jail.

Parliament made this decision after the petition committee passed a report concerning the problems prisoners face in Himmafushi jail, which highlighted multiple problems as well as possible solutions to the issues observed from the facility. Parliament passed the report with the votes of 23 members present at the Parliament on Wednesday.

The report included the suggestion of building a system that forgives small crimes of people after they have served some jail time while doing useful work for the community.

The main problem highlighted from Himmafushi jail is the overcrowding of the space available at the institution, due to which, inmates with good behaviour and small crimes were recommended to be released sooner. The 220 prisoners of Himmafushi jail that signed the petition, plead for President Solih to make a general forgivance.

The report asks the involved authorities to discuss and come up with plans for renovation of Himmafushi jail among other solutions, within the government’s budget.

Maldives now has four jails and one detention center in use. These are in Malé, Hulhumalé, Himmafushi and K. Maafushi. The detection center is in Hulhumalé.