Over 10 million confirmed cases worldwide

Photo: The Times Hub

Baltimore, United States – John Hopkin University has disclosed that the coronavirus or Covid-19 that has been spreading throughout the world has affected over 10 million people.

Covid-19 was at first found in Wuhan, China on December of 2019. It has ever since spread throughout the world and has caused over 500,000 deaths. Even though China has controlled the amount of the virus spreading, a second wave of virus hit the capital of China, Beijing, recently and has caused the city to lockdown again.

Almost half of the people that have been confirmed for the virus are Americans and Europeans. Currently the virus has been spreading rapidly in America and it has been foreseen that, South Asia and Africa may pass the “peak” next month.

While the virus keeps spreading throughout the world continuously, more than a million cases have been confirmed over the past 6 days itself.

Up to date, the most number of cases have been confirmed for Covid-19 in America, with over 2.5 million confirmed cases and 125,000 deaths.

Since the lockdown restrictions were eased in America, the rate at which the virus has been spreading has increased further more in the southern states of America.

After America, Brazil has confirmed the most number of cases for Covid-19 with 1.3 million confirmed cases and 57,000 deaths.

Although the cases have been increasing in Brazil, the country has decided to reopen a football stadium in Rio De Janeiro of Brazil starting from the 10th of July. But compared to before, three times less people will be allowed to enter the stadium at once.