Bangladeshi ferry capsizes causing 32 deaths

Photo: BBC news

Dhaka, Bangladesh — A ferry capsized in a river of the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka causing at least 32 deaths.

The officials said that the capsized ship named Morning Bird had completed an hourlong journey to the Sadarghat river port when it collided with another vessel.

A coastguard of Bangladesh stated that the ferry had about 50 passengers. While 20 passengers are still thought to be missing, a diver in the fire brigade, told the AFP news agency that the rescuers had collected at least 30 bodies, including 6 women and 3 children.

However a survivor of this incident mentioned that there were about 100 passengers in the ferry. 

Commodore Golam Sadeq, an official of the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport stated that the ship had sunk due to “carelessness” and it had not been overcrowded.

Ferry accidents are frequent due to overcrowding in Bangladesh that has over 200 rivers. Due to this, boats are often crowded and there are poor safety standards in the country.