Hijab pin removed from the lung of an 11 year old Maldivian

Pin taken from the lung of an 11 year old. Photo: IGMH

Malé, Maldives — An operation was held in IGMH yesterday to remove a metal pin (usual hijab pin) from the lungs of an 11 year old Maldivian.

IGMH stated that the health of the patient is well after the surgery.

Howeverm IGMH doctor, Dr. Mohamed Ali urged to not put things such as hijab pins in the mouth for any reason. He mentioned that the operation required to remove the pins are extremely difficult and dangerous as it could damage the lungs severely.

Lately in Maldives, the number of cases of accidental swallowing hijab pins have been increasing, including cases in which the hijab pins had to be removed from the lungs, trachea and the stomach of children.

IGMH stated that 15 similar cases have been reported in Maldives over the past 4 years. Majority of these cases were of women between the age 13 and 30.