Covid-19: 21 confirmed cases and 10 recoveries in 24 hours.

Malé, Maldives — HPA confirmed additional 21 Covid-19 cases and 10 recoveries in Maldives in the past 24 hours. 

HPA disclosed that, as of 6pm of July 1, from 6pm of June 30, additional 21 cases were confirmed for the virus in Maldives. They are:

  • 03 Maldivians
  • 17 Bangladeshis
  • 01 Sri Lankan 

Including these 21 confirmed cases, Maldives now has a total of 2,382 confirmed Covid-19 cases. However, currently among these cases, there are only 414 active cases in Maldives.

While 21 people were confirmed for the virus, 10 has completely recovered from it. Along with these recoveries, today a total of 1,954 people have completely recovered from the virus in Maldives.

Up to date, 10 have passed away from Covid-19 in Maldives. The deceased are 5 elderly Maldivian nationals, 4 Bangladeshi nationals and a Filipino nationality.

While there are 284 people held in Isolation facilities, 134 are in quarantine facilities at present.

The first Covid-19 in Maldives was found on 7th March in a resort. On 15th April, the first Covid-19 case was found on Malé.

While the lockdown restrictions has been eased on Malé after almost two months, the Maldivian government has announced that they will be reopening the boarders of Maldives on July 15.

Locals are now allowed to go outside without permits from 5:00 to 23:00 and the restaurants, cafes and shops have been given the permission to open as well. On July 1st, all the schools in Maldives were reopened to educate the children.