Air France set to cut off 17.5% employees

“Air France” in Velana International Airport | Photo: Sunmv

France, Paris — 7,500 employees of Air France are to be laid off from work.

The firm said in a statement that over the next three years 17.5 percent of employees will be cut off from their jobs.

Until 2022 the firm has decided to cut off 6,560 employees of Air France and 1,020 employees of it’s regional French carrier Hop, over the next three years. 

While the firm has decided to cut off a massive number of employees, they foresee that approximately 3,500 employees will resign from their jobs as well.

Aviation is one of the biggest to be affected by the ongoing pandemic Covid-19. International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted that the aviation industry will suffer a loss of approximately $84 billion this year.

According to Air France, due to the pandemic, they are currently suffering a loss of €15million ($16.9 million) per day.

Due to the huge losses airlines are facing because of the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, large airlines are taking required steps necessary to cut off expenses including the decisions to cut off their employees.