VP Faisal Naseem visits Thalassemia Center

Male’, Maldives – Vice President of Maldives Faisal Naseem has visited the Thalassemia Center of Maldives today.

President’s Office revealed that the over all condition of the center was observed that the staff of the center were also met with, during VP Faisal’s trip to the facility.

In detail, the VP observed how specific services are provided by the center which included talks with patients who receive care from the facility as well as by talking with the management of the center.

It is known that the management of the facility highlighted the difficulties faced in running the center which included the limited space available. VP Faisal has since advised relevant institutions to assist in mitigating the difficulties faced by the center, especially that of space.

The VPs trip to the facility is shortly followed after the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed visited the facility which was met with online criticism by the Thalassemia community who pointed out that sufficient time was not spent with those receiving care from the facility and that he did not take out the time to listen to their concerns.

Some of the concerns shared online by Thalassemia patients receiving care from the facility are difficulty in receiving appointments which are convenient for donors, difficulty in securing donors as well as the lack of quality in the treatment they receive including low quality medications.