Former MP Ameeth as new Deputy Ambassador to Japan

Photo: Avas

Male, Maldives – Former Member of Parliament for Maduvvari constituency Mohamed Ameeth has been appointed as the new Deputy Ambassador to Japan on behalf of Maldives.

The former MP and younger brother of the Minister of Health of Maldives was appointed to the position quite recently, however with not comment from the President’s Office with regards to the matter.

In Maldives, the position of Deputy Ambassador is classified in the same level as that of a Deputy Minister. Currently the Ambassasor to Japan from the Maldives is Ambassador Ibrahim Uwais.

Taking a look at the work done by Ameeth in the past, he was among the 12 members of the Parliament who were elected to the parliament on a PPM slot but then changed their party and joined the opposition coalition mid term, in 2017.

Their change in political political stance was met with the Elections Commission of Maldives declaring that their seats in the Parliament were hence lost, upon which the members had no access to the Parliament for more than a year, until the Supreme Court of Maldives reversed the decision of the Elections Commission in 2018.