Parliament approves Ghafoor as Ambassador to US

Ambassador of the Maldives to the United States of America, Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed. | Photo: Foreign Ministry

Malé, Maldives – Current Ambassador at Large of the Maldives’ Foreign Ministry Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed has been approved by the Parliament to be appointed as the country’s Ambassador to the United States.

The approval came yesterday, after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih forwarded the matter to the Parliament. In his letter, President Solih described Ghafoor as very eligible for the position.

Ghafoor’s approval was passed with the votes of all 46 participating members. Along with the Parliament’s approval, Ghafoor also had to pass an interview.

Ghafoor, who has made multiple contributions to the foreign sector of the Maldives including the position of Foreign Secretary and Permanent Representative to the UN, had filled the position of Maldives’ Ambassador to U.S. previously as well.