COVID-19: 9 year old tests positive in Thoddoo

AA. Thoddoo harbor area | Photo: Maldives Magazine

Thoddoo, Maldives – A 9 year old girl who was in home quarantine has tested positive for Covid-19 in AA. Thoddoo.

She was found positive when the results of the samples taken at the end of the 14 day home quarantine came in. She came from Male’ with four of her family members who tested negative. However they would be put in additional quarantine and would be tested again since the girl tested positive.

In addition to the case in Thoddoo, one person was tested positive from HDh. Nolhivaram day before yesterday and two additional people who live in that house have been tested positive for the virus yesterday.

With the current ease on the restrictions implemented to control the virus earlier this year, cases have been increasing in Maldives, with 64 positive cases confirmed yesterday alone. Maldives has a total of 2,617 confirmed Covid-19 cases until now.