Covid-19: New state daily case record of 15,299 set by Florida.

Florida has seen protests over shutdown measures. Photo: Getty Images

Florida, United States – Florida registers around a quarter of all the United States’ daily infections of 15,299 Covid-19 cases in 24 hours making it a state record.

The previous record was held by California, but now the new state record of daily case of 15,299 confirmed Covid-19 cases is set by France, that has just 7% of the United States population.

Over 40 hospitals intensive care facilities are at full capacity in Florida.

Florida began lifting the lock-down restrictions in May but the tourism and elderly population has seemed to have caused a vulnerability for the country.

Despite the Republican Governor Ron DeSantis ordered some bars to close again on June, confirmed cases for the virus still seems to rise at a fast phase in Florida.

According to a Reuters analysis, if Florida was a country, it would be ranked as fourth in the world for new cases.

The United States is currently the worst affected country in the world with over 3.37 million confirmed cases and exceeding new daily totals of 60,000 cases over the past days. While over 989 thousand people have completely recovered from the virus, over 137 thousand have passed away from the virus up to date in the United States of America.