Guesthouse reopening date pushed back

Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen | Photo: The Press Mv

Male’, Maldives – Minister of Health, Abdullah Ameen has announced that guesthouses won’t be given permission to restart their operations on 1st August, as initially scheduled.

Speaking during the online ceremony to launch three Covid-19 treatment centers around the country last Saturday night, Minister Ameen said that due to the current increase in cases, the government has decided to review the current status of the situation on 15th August and decide on the possible date for reopening. He also said that the new expected date for reopening of guesthouses would be in early September.

Minister Ameen also highlighted on the importance of additional precautions to be taken within the atolls even though treatment facilities are being established around the country.

He also stressed that the number of doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are being tested positive for the virus has been increasing and that it is a worrying matter. He mentioned that the government is trying to implement additional measures to prevent this as the country has limited manpower in the sector as more health professionals are unable to do their job. He also added that it will have devastating effects on the country’s efforts on managing the pandemic.

Till date the total number of positive cases in Maldives is 3,302 out of which 2,534 people have recovered and only 738 cases are currently active. There has been an  increase in number of positive cases in the past few days with majority of those being Maldivian nationals who are tested positive.