JUST IN: Tourist who arrived in Maldives test positive for Covid-19

Male’, Maldives – An American national who traveled to Maldives on tourist visa has tested positive for Covid-19 – a first since the country opened up its borders.

The individual is said to be residing at Cheval Blanc Randheli resort in the Maldives, and is in isolation as authorities work on contact tracing.

While no further details have been revealed by the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC), the general guideline concerning tourist arrivals in to the country states that all who arrive into Maldives should be checked for any symptoms of Covid-19, including fever. Any individual presenting symptoms of the disease would be subjected to testing at the cost of the individual.

Further, should an individual traveling in a group test positive, the entire group will be tested according to the guidelines. The government also will be administering random tests to some tourists, of which the cost will by borne by the government