One month since Maldives opened up borders: country welcomed 5177 tourists

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Immigration has revealed that a total of 5,177 tourists arrived in to the country since it opened up borders on 15th July, 2020.

While it has been a month since Maldives opened up borders for international travelers, Immigration revealed that 3،476 tourists came into the country from 1st to 15th August alone, mainly from UAE and the England.

Currently, the country has Covid-19 screening mechanism set at the airports which screens travelers for any symptoms, such as a temperature. Should any tourist have flu like symptoms, they would be subject to a PCR test of which the cost is to be borne by the the individual. If anyone traveling in a group tests positive, the entire group would have to be isolated and tested as well.

However, any random tests initiated by the Maldives will be covered by the state. The state would also cover treatment costs of any individual who tests positive for the virus.