Individual who passed away from Covid-19 on Saturday night was denied testing

Photo: ADK

Male’, Maldives – Family of the 52 year old local female who passed away on Saturday evening at IGMH, has revealed that the patient was denied Covid-19 testing despite requesting for it at ADK Hospital.

According to a Facebook post by the younger brother of the patient, his sister was taken to the IGMH Emergency Room following complaints of difficulty in breathing. He detailed that there was not much time between her Covid-19 test coming back positive and the doctors losing her pulse right before intubation was attempted.

The post also detailed that the patient visited ADK hospital as recently as a week back, due to very high fever. However despite requesting for a Covid-19 test, she was turned away diagnosing her fever as related to urine infection to be treated with antibiotics.

“ADK will best know that my sister was a high risk patient. There wasn’t much time between her visit to the IGMH ER due to the fever which never subsided and finding out that she tested positive for Covid-19, and eventually losing her pulse prior to an attempt to put on her ventilator before she finally passed away. So the claim that treatment was not sought by us is false.” The post read.

The brother also said that pointing fingers now will do no good to his sister and that the family does not wish to accuse a facility like ADK in a place where justice is not served.

“We only ask for everyone’s well wishes and prayers. May Allah grant our sister the highest ranks.” The post ended.