Participants of funeral prayers must maintain physical distance: Male’ City Council

Male’, Maldives – Male City Council has announced that all participants of funeral prayers in the Male’ region must maintain physical distancing measures during the prayer.

The prayer, which normally has all participants stand shoulder to should as any other Muslim prayer, the announcement comes as Male’ sees an alarming rate of increase in Covid-19 infections with 215 cases in the region yesterday alone.

The announcement also detailed in which mosques funeral prayers can take place from now on, which are Masjidul Taghaavun (Aasahara Mosque), and in the lobby area of Hulhumale’ cemetary (Hinavaage Fendaa) for Covid-19 patients who have passed on.

The announcement further dictated the timings at which the funeral prayers would be allowed to take place as 30 minutes after the prayer call for the mandatory 5 prayers of the day. Families of the deceased were also requested to arrange the funeral arrangements such that the timing of the funeral prayers do not collide with the mandatory prayer times, to avoid meeting of the prayer congregations, along with the request to hasten funeral proceedings without any delays.

Further, the body of the deceased will only be allowed in the ‘hinavaage’ for a maximum duration of three hours and all attendees of the funerals are to abide by the physical distancing and other precautionary measures of Covid-19 set by HPA during this time.