Crisis at children’s shelter “Fiyavathi” as children standoff against authorities

Children climb roof at state children's shelter Fiyavathi | Photo: Sun/Fayaz

Malé, Maldives – The parliament Human Rights and Gender committee today said that relevant government authorities are to be questioned after the management lost control of the wards at the state children’s shelter “Fiyavathi” last night.

The Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) is also investigating the matter.

The wards of the state children’s shelter “Fiyavathi” climbed the roof of the building in a standoff against authorities demanding change to rules. The situation escalated as children set a fire inside the premises and refused to obey the police who attended to the scene.

Regarding this, the Child and Family Protection Service released a statement stating that some children have been exhibiting issues for the past three days and urged the public to not photograph, video or give the minors an audience as this will further trigger the children.

All the children involved in this issue are in good health.

Child and Family Protection Service

Members of the public are raising concerns as the issues at state children’s shelters are escalating.

A viral video circulated last week in social media where crowds gather in front of Fiyavathi as screams of children radiate from the inside. Family Protection Service denies allegations of abuse stating that children at the shelter have suffered various forms of trauma prior to being placed at the shelter and express the post-traumatic issues in many forms. The agency stated no child was abused in the case.

State wards at the Vilimalé state children’s shelter “Kudakudhinge Hiya” have set fire to the shelter causing major damage.

The state children’s shelters are established to provide a safe, secure and enabling environment for vulnerable children who have no other means of primary care. There are over a hundred children residing in both facilities.