2 months after opening border, 13000 tourist arrivals

First tourist arrival since borders opened on July 15th, 2020. Photo: Ministry of Tourism

Male, Maldives- Maldives Immigration has stated that after the borders opened, more than 13000 tourists have arrived to Maldives.

During the two months after reopening of the border, 13,516 tourists have arrived to Maldives, revealed immigration. The percentage of tourist arrivals increased by 61 percent within the second month. This includes 4458 arrivals in the second month. The most number of tourist are from countries such as UAE, UK and America.

As per the guidelines for tourists, temperature checking and screening would be done at the airport. If any symptoms such as coughing or breathing difficulties are seen, then the tourist would be tested for Covid-19. Testing would be done at the expense of the tourist.

If the symptoms are observed in a tourist coming with a group, the whole grouo would be tested and random sampling would be done as well. This would be done at the expense of the government.

It is stated in the guidelines that until the test results are received, tourists must stay at a transit facility in isolation. All tourists must also wear masks.

The Maldivian borders were closed on March 27 due to Covid-19, and was reopened on the 15th of last month.