Vietnam donates USD 20,000 to Maldives

Photo: Social Media

Male’, Maldives – Vietnam has provided Maldives with monetary aid of USD 20,000 in order to help the country fight the on going Covid-19 pandemic.

The aid was handed over to the Maldives by the High Commissioner of Vietnam to Sri Lanka, on Monday, and was received by the High Commissioner of Maldives to Sri Lanka. The Maldivian ambassador thanked Vietnam for the generous assistance provided during this difficult time.

As Maldives struggles to overcome the difficulties faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, specially with regards to controlling the spread of the virus as well as the economy, many countries have been stepping up to help Maldives get back on its feet. One such country was Australia, which recently donated equipment worth USD 120,000 to the Maldives.

At present, Maldives has exceeded 8,000 cases of Covid-19 in the country with 199 in just 24 hours. Currently there are 2,703 active cases in the country.