No armed foreign soldiers in Maldives: MNDF

Photo: V news

Male, Maldives – Chief of Defense Force, Major General Abdullah Shamaal, on Sunday, has said that there are no armed forces of a foreign country in the Maldives.

Shamaal’s comment comes as the opposition have started an online campaign, calling for the removal of foreign army personnel, claiming there there are more than 100 armed soldiers of foreign nationality operating in the country.

“I want to highlight that there is not military presence of another country in the Maldives. If were to simplify this, there are no armed forced of another country in the Maldives.” Shamaal said.

However, he pointed out that there have always been human recourse assistance from other countries such as technicians. He also stresses that Maldives collaborated with other countries in joint trainings as well as in acquiring assistance.

Senior officers of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), also denied any rumors of military centers being built in the country, during a press conference held on Sunday.