A lone country can’t survive: Shamaal

Chief of Defense Force Major General Abdullah Shamaal | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – No country will not be able to survive on its own, says Chief of Defense Force, Major General Abdullah Shamaal.

Speaking during an interview given to the state media outlet, ‘PSM’ on Tuesday, Shamaal said that all countries, be it big or small, need to work with others to survive, and said that this is the reality even if some of the biggest countries are considered.

Highlighting that the low-lying island nation Maldives is strategically located in an important point, Shamaal said that it is very important for countries to work together to make the area safer.

“Our oceanic zone is very vast. So it is important for us as well, to work with other countries. This includes Sri Lankan and India – working with them to make this area a safe zone.” Shamaal said, emphasizing on the fact that a joint international effort is key to stopping cross border terrorism and transnational security threats.

Reminiscing the attacks of November 3, Shamal pointed out that the Maldivian army was not prepared for such an incident at that point in time.

“They were soldiers so they were ready. But it was something bigger than what we [the country] was prepared for tactically. We’re talking about 60 something strong group of people coming on and attacking us.” Shamaal explained.

He described the reform in the Maldivian army after the November 3 attacks as something which gave the defense force a true sense of being an amy, which includes international training and actual army training in a broader aspect, as well as acquiring weapons.

Victory Day in the Maldives marks the failed coup d’état of 3rd November 1988, orchestrated by local turncoats with assistance from the foreign militant group People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) as one of the most brutal and deadly assaults on Maldivian independence during which 19 locals were murdered in cold blood.