68 employees fired from Manafaru in one day

Photo: Google

Manafaru Resort, Maldives – Sixty eight locals employed at Manafaru resort have been let go by the resort’s management in one day.

The news was brought to light by MP of Hoarafushi constituency, Ahmed Saleem, who tweeted saying, “The letting go of 68 employees by Manafaru Resort, all of whom are from Hoarafushi, is a huge concern. This will reflect on 68 families. They (employees) were in agreement to stay on as employees until the situation resolves, even for a smaller pay.”

As the matter of resort employees belonging to the upper losing their jobs escalates, five parliamentarians representing constituencies of the Haa Dhaalu region have met with the Minister of Tourism of Maldives, Abdullah Mausoom, to find a solution for the problematic situation.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many resorts have been either letting go of employees, sending them on no pay leave, or have reduced the staff salaries to a minimum.