Covid-19 Hoadedhhoo: 35 positive, 2 in facility

Photo: Google

Hoadedhhoo, Maldives – Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) has revealed that a total of 35 individuals have tested positive for Covid-19 in Gaafu Alif Hoadedhhoo.

Revealing updates on the situation of the island, HEOC stated that 35 individuals, which include 10 new cases reported on Tuesday have been identified in the island. It was further detailed that the new cases discovered were 5 women aged 13, 19, 19, 62 and 67, along with 5 males aged 5, 28, 41, 67 and 80.

Out of this, an 80 year old and 64 year old patient have been shifted to the GA Covid Management Facility for further observation and monitoring.

HEOC maintains that there are no signs of community spread and that the situation in the island is classified as a local transmission.