COVID-19: 46 contacts of those who tested positive in Hoadedhhoo

Photo: HEOC

Hoadedhhoo, Maldives – Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) revealed that 46 contacts have been established, in connection to the individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 in GDh. Hoadedhhoo.

The cluster was identified, following an individual who was in home quarantine in the island, testing positive for the coronavirus. This sparked the requirement for a random sampling to be carried out in the island, out of which, two results came back positive. Following this, contact tracing was carried out and an additional 36 samples were taken, of which, 19 additional people are now positive.

HEOC revealed that an assessment is being done to determine how the virus was transmitted to the island, by collecting information of all individuals who travelled to the island for the purposes of home quarantine as well as part of crew members of vessels traveling between the island and Male’.

Authorities have also urged anyone who believes that they have come into contact with an infected person, to notify the dedicated hotline of the island or HPA immediately.

As the situation of the island has escalated to the level, which HEOC describes as a local transmission, the island has been placed on monitoring status, barring anyone to travel to or from the island with out prior permission. All schools and other places providing public services have also shut down temporarily.

A local transmission is when an infection is spread to contacts of a known positive case, while a community spread would be pronounced when it is untraceable from whom an individual gets infected by, when the individual did not travel or knowingly come into contact with someone who was infected, said HEOC.