Covid-19: Two new cases in Hoadedhhoo, total at 44

Gdh. Hoadedhhoo Photo: Mihaaru

Hoadedhhoo, Maldives – Two new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Gdh. Hoadedhhoo, raising the total positive cases in the island to 44.

Hoadedhhoo Health Center revealed that while a total of 44 patients have tested positive, only 36 are receiving treatment now, with others having have recovered. Those who are still in the recovery process have all been quarantined in 32 different houeses.

Authorities, which have declared the situation of the island as a local transmission, carried out the initial random sampling in the island after four individuals who completed a 14 day, travel related quarantine tested positive for the virus. Upon testing, 19 tests came back positive, resulting in 111 direct contacts, of which the aforementioned 63 are symptomatic.

While it is still unclear how the virus made its way to the island, response personnel are attempting to piece the puzzle all the while testing those who are symptomatic.

Due to this, the island has been placed under monitoring, during which time, any unauthorized travel to and from the island is prohibited. Apart from this, public service facilities such as schools have temporarily been shut down.

Hoadedhhoo currently has the highest number of the coronavirus cases apart from Male’.