Public wants minimum 2000 sqft lands: Jabir

Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Member of the Parliament for Kaashidhoo constituency has called on the government to stop fooling the public, and has stated that, what the people want is 2000 square feet lands.

Referring to the residency flats being issued by the government, Jabir said in a tweet he sent out on Monday that, people dont want flats, and that what people really want are lands at least the size of 2000 square feet. He also added that if lands are given to Maldivians, they would find there shelter, and called unto the government to stop fooling the public.

Jabir went on to say that he spent Sunday night in his own house built on his own land, and that this is the true example of how Maldivians are.

Inserting a video of himself speaking from a makeshift looking room into the tweet, Jabir said in the video that due to the Covid-19 situation, he has gotten the opportunity to experience living in various places in different ways and that the biggest happiness of lands are when one is able to build a beautiful home and live in it.

“I hope that everyone lives are well and simple and we do, if Maldivians are able to get lands.” Jabir said.

While the issue of homes and lands have always been an issue in the Maldives, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged that there would be no one without housing by the end of his term.