Mass inspection of offices to monitor compliance with HPA regulations

Office of Maldives Immigration Photo: Immigration / Twitter

Male’, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced a mass inspection of government and private offices as well as public transport systems in the greater Male’ area.

The inspection, which is being carried out to monitor compliance with the regulations that have been set with regards to Covid-19 in the country is scheduled to commence on 20th September onward.

Any facility in violation of the regulations will be shut down for 48 hours, should the violation be a first time offense. Second time repeaters would have the facility shut down for three days with an additional fine of MVR 1000. Third time repeaters would have their facilities shut down for five days, with a fine of MVR 1000.

At present time, the number of daily Covid-19 cases has decreased in comparison to the numbers seen two weeks back. However, the numbers are still closer to the hundreds, with 67 cases on Thursday alone.