Covid-19: Recovery in Hoadedhhoo at 27

Hoadedhhoo | Photo: Sun

Hoadedhhoo, Maldives – Four additional recoveries have been recorded in Gdh. Hoadedhhoo, raising the recovery numbers of the island to 27.

According to statistics published by the Health Center of Hoadedhhoo, a total of 44 individuals have tested positive for the coronavirus in the island as of 22:00, Monday. Out of the 44, 27 have made a full recovery, with 15 patients as active cases in the island as of Monday night.

So far 358 samples have been collected from the island, out of which, 311 results have come back negative. Three samples are still awaiting results.

Due to the current situation of the island, it has been placed under monitoring, during which time, any unauthorized travel to and from the island is prohibited. Apart from this, public service facilities such as schools have temporarily been shut down.

Hoadedhhoo currently has the highest number of the coronavirus cases apart from Male’.