Shuaib names Nasheed as biggest beneficiery of MMPRC scandal

Shuaib Ali (R) hand in hand with Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Twitter

Male’, Maldives – Former Deputy Chair of the Disciplinary Committee of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Shuaib Ali has named Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed as the “biggest beneficiary” of the Maldives Media and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) corruption scandal.

Shuaib, who now resides in Sri Lanka according to local media outlet ‘Avas’, has been criticizing the leadership of MDP his being suspended from his position in the party. In one such tweet, Shuaib said, “The biggest beneficiery of the MMPRC corruption is Mohamed Nasheed. The money has been distributed among the leaders of MDP.”

He further went on to claim that the constitution of the country, sale of lands, bringing changes to the ages of the President and Vice President were all done on the order of Nasheed.

“The truth cannot be buried with soil” He said.

Shuaib, who is now estranged from MDP, used to be very close to Nasheed and even served as the Deputy Under Secretary of the President’s Office during Nasheed’s Presidency. However, the tables have turned, and Shuaib continues to criticize MDP, and Nasheed especially.