Covid-19: New case reported from Kudahuvadhoo

Kudahuvadhoo | Photo: Hoildify

Kuda Huvadhoo, Maldives – A case of Covid-19 has been reported from Dh. Kudahuvadhoo.

The Social Support Desk of Kudahuvadhoo, revealed on Tuesday that an individual who was in a travel related home quarantine has tested positive for the coronavirus.

With this, all residents of the island have been urged to take necessary precautions in keeping everyone safe from the virus, specially by wearings masks and maintaining cleanliness at all times.

According to the most recent statistics published by HPA, there are 48 cases of Covid-19 in 22 different islands of the country, as of 10 pm on Monday night, with the highest number of cases in Gdh. Hoadedhhoo.

Maldives is currently observing a decrease in daily cases of Covid-19, as the curve tips down.