Covid-19: All patients in Hoadedhhoo recovered!

  • First case was recorded on 2nd September, 2020
  • 19 random samples tested positive – island placed on monitoring
  • 45 individuals tested positive for Covid-19 from the island
  • All recoveries confirmed on 8th October, 2020
Gdh. Hoadedhhoo Health Center | Photo: Gdh. Hoadedhhoo Health Center

Gdh. Hoadedhhoo, Maldives – All 45 individuals who tested positive for Covid-19 from Gdh. Hoadedhoo, an island in South Huvadhoo atoll, located in the Southern region of Maldives, have made a full recovery.

According to the statistics published by the health center of Hoadhedhoo, all 45 individuals have recovered from the virus and currently there are only two houses in the island which are under monitoring.

The first four cases from Hoadedhhoo was recorded on 2nd September, 2020 among those who were in home quarantine for a period of 14 days after traveling from a country or island with a known local or community transmission. However, an additional 19 cases were recorded from the island on the 4th of September, upon the island undergoing a random sampling.

With this, the island was placed under monitoring, barring any one from coming in or going out of the island unauthorized. During this time, more than 400 samples were collected from the island. However, no new cases were recorded from the island since the 20th of September.

Despite this, authorities insisted that the island did not have a community spread, but instead, that is was a local transmission. The main difference between a community spread and a local transmission is that in local transmissions, the source from which an individual got infected from can be traced, while in community transmissions, the source may not be possible to be identified.

Hoadedhhoo was removed from monitoring status on the 4th of October, a month after the island was initially placed under monitoring. During this time, Hoadedhhoo was the only local island after the capital of Maldives, Male’ which had such a high number of positive cases.

According to the latest statistics by Health Protection Agency (HPA), currently there are 146 cases of Covid-19 in 18 different islands of the country, other than Male’ city. This includes the 55 cases in Gan, Addu City, which are all from the Dhoogas cluster – where 53 positive cases were recorded among the 128 individuals who arrived to Addu City directly from Cochin, India, to work at the area being developed as the Police Academy. Since then, 2 contacts of the 53 patients have also tested positive.