First cargo ferry from India ported at Kulhudhufushi

Photo: Google

HDH.Kulhudhufushi, Maldives – Cargo ferry of Kochin, India successfully completed its first trip from Kochin to Maldives and ported into Kulhudhufushi this morning.

This cargo ferry that is set to travel between India, Kulhudhufushi and Male’ will make two trips every month. This vessel has a capacity of 380 20×8ft containers. This a 3000 metric tonne bulk cargo ship.

This ferry ported into Kulhudhufushi at around 6:30 this morning.

The Maldivian agent incharge of these ferry trips, national shipping company Maldives State Shipping said that this ferry will unload 500 tonnes of cement and two containers of other goods at Kulhudhufushi.

A grand function was planned in Kulhudhufushi to celebrate the first trip of the Maldives-Kochin cargo ferry but was cancelled due to a person testing positive for Covid-19 in Kulhudhufushi yesterday.

Unloading of the goods will be done by Kulhudhufushi Port (KPL). The goods will be unloaded using another vessel because the ferry cannot be docked at the Kulhudhufushi port because of the port’s size not being sufficient to handle this size of ships.

KPL said that around 50 employees will be active on site to unload the goods and this work is expected to be finished by 1:30 pm this afternoon.