Nala Fehi Meedhoo calls to save White Terns

Photo: Google

Addu City, Maldives – Community NGO, Nala Fehi Meedhoo has called upon relevant authorities to resolve the issued pertaining to the increasing crow population in Addu City, which poses a threat to the White Tern population in Addu City.

White Terns, which are native to the city have recently been sighted getting attacked by crows – a species which was almost never seen in the city earlier.

In a statement released by the NGO, it said that with the increasing crow population, there is fear that White Terns, which are a pride to Addu may be completely wipe out from the city.

“The fear that White Terns – which are a pride of the city and the fist bird to be protected in the country -becoming wiped off from the city is becoming all too real. This species which are currently dying due to the attacks of crows symbolizes Addu and is very special to the city. Hence, we call upon the authorities to resolve this issue and safeguard the species.” read the statement by Nala Fehi Meedhoo.

As of recent times, many reports of crow sightings have been made on social media, with one having have posted a video of a crow eating a dead White Tern.