Nalafehi calls for protection of Addu Dhon Dheedni

White Terns | Photo: eBird

Addu City, Maldives – Local NGO Nalafehi Meedhoo of Addu City has called for protective action to be taken to preserve the threatened and declining population of White Terns – locally known as ‘Dhon Dheedni’ – in the city.

Detailing the organisation’s concerns, it was explained in a statement released by the organisation that the expanding population of Addu continues to serve as a direct reason for the depletion of White Tern habitats such as coconut palms and breadfruit trees.

Additionally, the introduction of crows to the city, which were previously non-existent there, poses as a threat to the Terns, the statement reads.

Given that crows are a completely new and foreign species to Addu, the declining of White Tern population in Addu is very concerning to this organisation formed and operating in the field of environmental conservation, especially as White Terns are such a useful species and one that is deemed the pride of this city.

Nalafehi Meedhoo, 2022

Due to this, the population, strength and defence instincts are declining, the organisation said.

The increase in crow population in the city is an issue that has been observed by Addu City Council, one that has been brought to the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well.

Although it has been requested to decrease the population of crows in the city, so far no action has been taken regarding the matter.