Complaint filed against Transport Minister

Maldivian Minister of Transport Aishath Nahula chatting with an Addu International Airport staff during the inauguration ceremony of South African Airlines flights to Gan International Airport on December 2, 2018 | Photo: adduLIVE

Male’, Maldives – A complaint was filed against the Transport Minister of Maldives Aishath Nahula at Anti Corruption Commission of the Maldives last night by shipping agents.

The complaint stated that the regulation which made compulsory for shipping agents to be registered was annulled by the ministry without being submitted to the Transport Authority of Maldives board. This complaint has been signed by over 70 shipping agents.

The regulation for shipping agents was published on 16th July of this year and was annulled on 16th of this month. Transport Authority said that the regulation was cancelled because people in the industry pointed out flaws in the regulation and also because it had technical parts which were conflicting with the international standards.

As per the regulation, all shipping agents had to be registered with the authority before the 16th of August and any party who did not register until the deadline would not be allowed to provide the service. In addition to this the regulation also mandated that only registered shipping agents would be allowed to to provide their services at the business ports under the license which was to be given to them when they register.