Telemedicine introduced for the first time in a health center

Villifushi Health Centre, photo: Sun

Th.Vilufushi, Maldives – Telemedicine has been introduced in Th. Vilufushi Health Center – a first for health centers in the country.

Telemedicine is a virtual service where patients can consult doctors based elsewhere through video conferencing technology. Previously the service of telemedicine had been established between the regional hospitals of atolls and Male’ hospitals.

Senior Administrator of Health Services of Vilufushi Health Centre, Shiuthu Ibrahim speaking to the local news outlet “Sun”, said that this service was established between Vilufushi Health Centre and Hulhumale hospital.

“We started shortlisting patients two days ago. Around 20 people gave given their names till now. The names will be sent to Hulhumale Hospital on Thursday and they can consult doctors next week”, said Shiuthu.

Shiuthu further that patients would be able to consult consult ENT specialists,  pediatricians, orthopaedists,  cardiologists and other specialized doctors in Hulhumale Hospital through this service.

He further said that their aim is to arrange means for patients from neighboring islands to also be able to use the service.