Trump’s mockery, lies and rudeness unimpressed Americans

The first presidential debate of the US Presidential election was carried on last night for this year’s election coming up on November.

President Donald Trump showed no sense of professionalism as he interrupted his opposing candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, almost every time he spoke. The moderator had to instruct the President multiple times, to let his opponent speak, which didn’t have any affect on the President’s behavior.

Important factors of the country and upcoming plan’s for the presidency was discussed by both candidates however, it was Trump who spoke longer, given he was continuously taking his opponent’s time.

Former Vice President Joe Biden did not hold anything back as he called Trump a “clown” and told him to “shut up.” Biden called Trump “the worst President in American History”. Which he responded by saying he’s done more work in 47 weeks compared to Biden’s 47 years in American Politics.

The debate turned out to be an ugly “spit-back” battle between the two major party candidates. Joe Biden called President Trump a liar and a racist, while the President kept calling Joe, “predator Joe”, a phrase used by African Americans to address Joe Biden, according to President Trump.

President Trump’s debate consisted a lot of misinformation and blatant lies as he informed the general public about a coronavirus vaccine, which his own medical chiefs confirmed to be untrue. Trump also claimed that the Paris Agreement, the single biggest and most beneficial climate change plan brought up to the table will cost 100s of trillions of dollars for the US economy, again, untrue.

Furthermore, his rollback of fuel-efficiency would not increase pollution bit was also untrue, American scientists confirmed.

President Trump mislead the Americans by saying certain armed forces were with him. He took example of Portland Sheriff, who has shown his support to the President, according to the President which he publicly denounced by sending a tweet disregarding everything the President said on Live TV.

In the 90 minute long debate President Trump refused to address his shortcomings, how the United States is handling the global pandemic, Corona Virus. But he didn’t fail to mock his opponent every chance he got. The President mentioned Joe Biden’s deceased son, his other son and his business dealing, his addiction. He undercut his own political advisors, his own medical advisors and the FBI director as well.

The debate was very unpopularly viewed, especially the undecided voters. Mr. Trump had no remorse in his verbal attacks, which did him no favors as the President is still trailing in polls. Biden took the lead as he was nominated by the Democratic Party back in April.

The former Vice President Joe Biden is in a stronger position than any of the challengers did since 1992 as the election nears in.