Uligan yacht marina and city hotel project to be re-announced

Yachts are seen docked at Uligan from the harbor. photo: Ahmed Muaz

HA.Uligan, Maldives – Tourism Ministry has re-announced the City Hotel project of HA.Uligan, after deciding to start the project.

Tourism Ministry tweeted a teaser revealing that they will be advertising an investment opportunity to develop Ihavandhippolhu, after a virtual meeting held last Saturday night with Tourism Minister Dr.Abdullah Mausoom, the local council and other relevant authorities. However, they have not yet specified which project it is.

It is assumed that this tweet was regarding the re-announcing of Uligan project. This project includes a city hotel along with a yacht marina.

Vice President of Uligan Council Imad Abdullah, giving information to local news outlet “Mihaaru” Said that the construction of the city hotel and yacht marina project will be decided through an open bid. He further said that this project will be one of the first projects of the new Minister.

As opposed to other islands in Maldives, Uligan is an island where many yachts coming directly from foreign countries are docked. The fee taken from yachts by customs have been reduced by 75 percent as to expand this industry.

As per the revisions brought to the general rules of customs, the inward and outward fee of tourist vessels shorter than 15 meters in length coming into Maldives via sea is MVR250. This was previously MVR 1000 for each way. Vessels longer than 15 meters have to pay MVR1000 as a fee to customs. The number of yachts have increased since these revisions were brought about.

Imad said the Minister stated that if the city hotel and yacht marina project go well as planned, Uligan will be among the most successful and prosperous islands.

The construction of the city hotel at Uligan previously stopped while being managed by Maldives Tourism Development Cooperation (MTDC) which was founded with the aim of providing Maldivian citizens with the profits from tourism. Dr.Mausoom raised concerns over this due to the project getting stopped mid way after big investments.

Uligan council has forwarded all legal maters relative to the case to the Local Government Authority (LGA).