Uligan project pre-bid session to be held on October 22

Yachts ported at Uligan | photo: Coralglass

HA. Uligan, Maldives – Tourism Ministry said that the pre-bid meeting of the development project for a yacht marina and city hotel in Uligan is to be held on the 22nd of this month.

Tourism Ministry said that those who are interested in the project must participate in the pre-bid meeting which would be held via Zoom on October 22 and present their bid proposals by November 5.

A tourism development project was previously started in Uligan as well and was assigned to the company created by the government for the development of tourism, Maldives Tourism Development Cooperation (MTDC). Even though some projects were finished by the company, they were unable to construct the City Hotel.

The former government also announced many tourism development projects in the North by the name ‘iHeaven’ but were unsuccessful in completing these projects. The current government is planning Hanimaadhoo Airport development project along with Line of Credit Facility of India.