Civil Court rules to reinstate an MNDF officer after 7 years

Picture of armed MNDF officers patrolling the streets of Male' City. Photo: Nishan Ali

Male’, Maldives – Civil Court passed a verdict yesterday to reinstate an MNDF officer who was dismissed from the job in 2013 with one years salary.

This verdict was passed to reinstate Lance Corporal Shahuraab Raashidh from GA.Villingili, Gongalee Aabaadhu. He was dismissed from the job on November 4th 2013.

Government said that they deny the case filed by Shahuraab and that he was accused for leaking confidential information about MNDF on social media with the intention to create a rift between MNDF officers. He was found guilty of these accusations after the investigation of Military Police regarding this case and hence was dismissed from the job. Shahuraab was accused of leaking a picture of a notice regarding the suspension of another officer.

Civil Court passed the final verdict stating that there is no evidence to support the fact that it was Shahuraab who leaked the picture and that the disciplinary action was taken against Shahuraab based merely on an assumption without sufficient evidence.

The verdict stated to reinstate him within 15 days, consider this period as his service period and to give him his deserved salary for one year within a month which amounts to a total of MVR 166,646.