Covid-19: Hoadehdhoo removed from monitoring

Aerial view of Gdh. Hoandedhdhoo. | Photo: Visit Hoandedhdhoo

Gdh. Hoadehdhoo, Maldives – Gdh. Hoadehdhoo, located in the southern region of Maldives has been brought back to normal after being under monitoring status for over a month.

Hoadehdhoo was placed under monitoring on September 3rd after random samples taken from the island tested positive for Covid-19. A local transmission was confirmed in the island and a total of 44 people tested positive for the virus. However, since then, all 44 patients have made a full recovery, revealed Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC).

In a statement by Health Protection Agency (HPA), it was stated that the state of monitoring was removed from the island as there is no further reason for the island to be on lockdown. Madaveli which is an island connected to Hoadehdhoo by a causeway, was also placed in monitoring due to a number of people testing positive in Hoadehdhoo. But the state of monitoring was later removed since all 18 samples taken from the island tested negative.

The main cause for the spread of the virus in Hoadehdhoo has not yet been found, however, the government previously stated that it may have been due to violations of the home quarantine regulations.

According to the latest statistics by HPA, there are a 114 active cases of Covid-19 in 22 different islands of the Maldives. There are also 20 cases of Covid-19 across 20 resorts, which account for 9 tourists and 16 employees. As of now, the total number of cases recorded in the Maldives stands at 10,465, with 9,310 patients having have recovered. The virus claimed 34 lives in Maldives.