4 people arrested in Hulhumale’ drug bust

Money and drugs discovered in Hulhumale' drug bust | photo: Maldives police

Hulhumale’, Maldives – Four people have been arrested in a drug operation in Hulhumale’.

This operation was carried out yesterday by Maldives Police Service with the help of specially trained dogs. All four people arrested in this operation are locals. This includes two 29 year olds, a 22 year old man and a 21 year old women.

Police revealed that during this operation, they searched three flats in Hulhumale’ and discovered 17 rubber packets and 16 pieces of cellophane that are suspected to contain drugs. In addition to this equipment that are expected to be used for the administration of drugs along with a huge amount of money were discovered from this raid, revealed police.

The exact amount of money found in this operation has not yet been revealed but in the photos publicized by the police, more than MVR 10,900 is seen along foreign currencies. Further investigation is being done regarding this case. This operation was carried out by the police intelligence in association with Hulhumale’ police.