Large amounts of drugs and alcohol confiscated in Hulhumale’

Drugs and alcohol confiscated in Hulhumale' drug bust | photo: Maldives Police

Hulhumale’, Maldives – Two local men have been arrested in Hulhumale’ with large amounts of drugs and alcohol in their possession, during in a drug raid operation carried out last night.

Police revealed today that the two people arrested in the drug bust were both 30 year old local males and that the operation was carried out in association with Police Intelligence, Hulhumale’ Police and the Special Operations department of Maldives Service, after receiving information about drugs and alcohol being stored and sold in Hulhumale’.

In this operation, two flats in Hulhumale’ were raided from which the police found 8 rubber packets with a smearing of what is believed to be Heroin along with additional empty packets in one of the flats. In addition to this, 5 cars were searched out of which, the police found large amounts of alcohol and drugs in one of the cars.

The confiscated drugs and alcohol from the car includes 34 cans of beer, 33 bottles containing home brewed alcohol and 58 bottles of alcohol in addition to 58 pieces of cellophane containing cannabis.

As of recent, Maldives has been documenting major drug seizes with over 200 kilos of drugs having been confiscated in just two recent operations. This case is further being investigated by Maldives Police Service.