Dhiraagu warns of scam calls and texts from overseas numbers

A number of Dhiraagu customers have been receiving calls and texts from unknown international numbers | Photo: Raaje Mv

Malé, Maldives — The telecommunication giant, Dhiraagu warns their customers of scam calls and text messages from international numbers.

Several customers of Dhiraagu have already received multiple one-ring or less calls and texts referring the receiver to call back to the unknown overseas number.

Majority of the scam phone numbers going viral through social media shows that the area code of the numbers are Russian and Swiss. Therefore, in order to protect their customers, Dhiraagu advised all of their customers via Twitter “to be cautious and not respond to such messages or calls from unknown international numbers”.

If an individual is to call back to these numbers as the caller intends, they are likely to be charged at premium rates once the call is connected, therefore, a message is also played to convince the caller to stay on the line for as long as possible.

Such calls where the caller hangs up after one ring or less, are called Wangiri calls. The scammer will be sure to cut the call before the receiver can answer, to entice the receiver to call back the oversees number upon seeing a missed call.