Dhiraagu and Sparkhub announce virtual workshop ‘Lean Startup Maldives’

| Photo: Dhiraagu

Male’, Maldives – Local telecom company, Dhiraagu and Sparkhub are to hold a virtual workshop on the lean business methodology, aimed at startups, later this month.

Titled ‘Lean Startup Maldives – Virtual Edition’, the two-day workshop organized to be held on the 26th and 27th of December will provide a crash course on how to apply lean methodology, an essential concept followed by companies globally for effective customer service.

Dhiraagu, stated on twitter that “Lean Startup Methodology is key to help entrepreneurs, product builders & managers to eliminate delays by making better & faster business decisions. Essential for an established company or a startup.”

During the workshop, participants will be taught how to apply the lean canvas model, as well as the best practices on solutions development. They will also be equipped with the “tools and techniques designed to help early stage startups learn the right steps and the process of identifying and acquiring customers towards building a sustainable business before the actual building starts”.

A workshop on lean mythology was also conducted in April of last year by Dhiraagu and Sparkhub, who have launched numerous collaborations to support local startups. These initiatives include the Startup Weekend and organizing Angelhack, the first and largest international hackathon, to be held in Maldives. 

Dhiraagu and Sparkhub explained that numerous startups start building their products before their ideas are validated, on the assumption there is a profitable market for their product. Hence, Lean Startup Maldives aims to equip young entrepreneurs and developers with the right skills, knowledge and mindset, on the steps that are to be followed before an idea is pitched or developed.

Interested participants from all over Maldives can apply for the virtual Lean Startup Maldives here : https://bit.ly/LSMVirtual2020