Fenaka launches a 12MWp Solar PV project

Implementation of 12MWp Solar PV project by Fenaka | Photo: Fenaka Corporation Limited

Lh. Atoll, Maldives — The Fenaka Corporation limited of Maldives has launched a 12MWp Solar PV project in Olhuvelifushu of Lh. Atoll.

A recent tweet from Fenaka states that the new Solar PV project established by the Fenaka team will be assisting the company in meeting the renewable energy targets set by them. This is by converting light energy to electricity using the 12MWp Solar  PV.

As the 12MWp will be able to produce over 11,000 MWh of solar electricity per year, Fenaka stated that the completion of this project will result in an annual saving of MVR 47.5 million and emission reduction of 16.5 Tonnes of Carbon dioxide gas (CO2).

The project of installing the 12MWp Solar VP has already started and is currently proceeding in the inhabited island, Olhuvelifushi.

Hopefully within 18 months, Fenaka will be able to install a renewable energy 12MWp Solar PV, therefore reducing the cost of oil by MVR 47.5 million per year, and it will also be reducing the harmful toxic greenhouse gas CO2 released by approximately 16.5 tons per year, said the Managing Director of Fenaka, Ahmed Saeed regarding the project.

Established in 2012, Fenaka team has since worked hard to provide the 151 geographically scattered islands of Maldives with electricity, water, sewage treatment and solid waste management services.