Fenaka wins 4 international awards

MD of FENAKA Ahmed Saeed | Photo: adduLIVE

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Fenaka Cooperation has won four awards at the 2020 Asian Power awards which is one of the most famous and widely accepted awards in Asia.

Fenaka has won awards for it’s central power station project on L. Gan, solar panel projects in GDh. Madaveli and Hoadehdhoo. In addition to this Managing Director of Fenaka Ahmed Saeed has won the CEO of the year award.

Fenaka said regarding their current achievement that international corporations have accepted the hard work of Fenaka done to reach its true position with the changes brought to the running of the company on 2019 by overcoming obstacles and fully fulfilling responsibilities with a headstrong aim.

Fenaka also said that Asian Power Awards are given by the judgment of independent judges and that it is a widely accepted and trusted award among countries and that the major utility companies in the Asian region take part in the award ceremony. 50 companies have won awards at the 2020 event in which Fenaka won the four following awards.

  1. Powerplant Upgrade of the year (from Maldives) – This awards was received by the central power station project in L.Gan which is a project that will be the beginning of a major change to the power supply system in Maldives. Other receivers of the awards in this category includes companies in india, Japan, China and Korea.
  2. Power Utility of the year (from Maldives) – this award was awarded to the most noteworthy utility company among the nominated companies from different countries.
  3. Solar Power Project of the year (from Maldives) – this awards was received by the solar power projects in GDh.Madaveli and Hoadehdhoo.
  4. CEO of the year (all the countries) – this award was won by the Managing Director of Fenaka Ahmed Saeed for his remarkable contributions in changing the overall outlook of Fenaka. Fenaka has been constantly incurring losses whereas thanks to the changes brought by MD Saeed, Fenaka made a profit for the first time.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed by decree, has established Fenaka Corporation Limited, as a government company with hundred percent government shares.

The key objective of this company would be to ensure sustainable primary services to the populace in the regions of the country other than Male’; supply of clean water, sewerage and electricity, and to establish an environment friendly waste management system.