Online classes to be arranged for Maldivians living abroad

VP Faisal Naseem | photo:

Male’, Maldives – Vice President Faisal Naseem met with the relevant authorities in order to start online classes on Dhivehi, Islam and Quran for Maldivian students studying abroad.

At the meeting held this afternoon at the President’s office, VP Faisal talked about the importance of teaching Maldivian students living abroad subjects such as Dhivehi language, Islamic studies and Quran and the importance if familiarizing the students with Maldivian traditions and culture. Vice President asked of the relevant authorities to work together in order to achieve this goal.

Education Minister Dr.Aishath Ali, Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Ahmed Zahir, President of the Academy of Dhivehi Language Ashraf Ali ans Special Advisor on Social Policy of the President’s office Dr.Musthafa Luthufee took part in this meeting.

In addition to this management of National Institute of Education and National Centre for Holy Quran also took part in the meeting. The participants of this meeting said that they will do the work from their respective authorities to start teaching subjects such as Dhivehi,Islam and Quran to Maldivian students living abroad.