JSC accused of influencing Yaameen’s investigation

Former President and leader of the opposition Yameen Abdul Gayyoom | photo: edition.mv

Male’, Maldives – The opposition has accused Judicial Service Commission (JSC) of influencing the proceedings of Former President and leader of the opposition Former President Abdulla Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom.

The Progressive collision consisting of two opposition parties released a statement tonight accusing the government and JSC if trying to influence Yaameen’s case. They further mentioned that they received information that JSC is trying to influence the appeal case of Former President Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom that is currently being investigated at the high court after it was decided that freezing the former presidents bank accounts was unlawful.

In addition to this the opposition said that the citizens are certain that the verdict on Former President Yaameen was on a political biase and that this was a lowly action from JSC. The statement from the opposition further said that the influence of the current government on the judicial sector is very evident from the actions done by Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheedh and his lawyer along with their supporters to influence the investigation if Former President Yaameen as members of JSC.

The opposition also called out JSC to quit their efforts to influence the investigation of Former President Yaameen and to release him without any conditions.